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Corrugated Conduits & Accessories

AG120.400.WEBA - UNI corrugated conduit EN45545-2 brass
Lead-through fitting in nickel-plated brass in the Pflitsch UNI sealing system. Ideal for connecting or inserting corrugated pipes to enclosures. Slotted sealing insert tested according to EN45545-2 / HL3
AG251.110.WEBA - PMA connectors Smart Line
Monolithic Cable Gland with integrated cone seal. Self-extinguishing and halogen-free.
AG251.111.WEBA - PMA connectors Smart Line 90°
Monolithic 90° elbow cable gland with integrated cone seal. Self-extinguishing and halogen-free.
AG300.101.WEBA - Corr. conduit Smartline LLPA black
Highly flexible Corrugated Conduit for small bending radii and low mechanical strain.
AG300.291.WEBA - Corrugated conduit PMA PEL-FLEX PELT
Corrugated conduit with high flexibility for small radius. For electrical cabinets und appliance construction.
AG300.301.WEBA - One-piece System Support
Quick assembly thanks to single-hole fastening with very good strain relief and optional cover.
AG300.303.WEBA - System support PMA TRUST ™
Ideal for laying parallel cables and conduits on and in rail way applications.The PMA Trust ™ design saves space and weight and can also be stacked.Thanks to reduction inserts, cables and conduits with different diameters can be routed through the same type.
AG300.310.WEBA - PMA Corrugated conduit Divisible System PPCOF
The Corrugated Conduit PPCO can be opened and closed lengthwise at any time. There are divisible fittings and locknuts available for this product. Self-extinguishing and cadmium-free.
AG300.800.WEBA - PMA Corrugated conduit Easyflex LL
Inexpensive Corrugated Conduit for machine and apparatus construction. Light and flexible.