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Pflitsch compensation unit brass

The pressure nut in nickel-plated brass is used as a pressure equalization element for the ventilation of enclusures. Condensation is reduced to a minimum.
  • wrench size: 17x19 mm
  • Ingress protection: IP66 / IP68
  • material: nickel plated brass
  • membrane: ePTFE
  • membrane: NBR
  • Approvals: RoHS, UL
  • color: RAL 9005 schwarz
  • temperature range: -40°C - +105°C
  • brand: Pflitsch
Item Description threadairflowwrench size
103.710.102 Pflitsch Druckausgleichselement M12X1.5 long150l/h bei 70 mb17x19 mm
103.710.118 Pflitsch Druckausgleichselement M12x1.516l/h bei 70 mb17x19 mm
103.710.119 Pflitsch Druckausgleichselement M12x1.5150l/h bei 70 mb17x19 mm